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    Default Tower Speaker Cleaning

    Has anyone had any luck cleaning their cans? Mine are faded and not shiny anymore and have some scratches. Any suggestion would be great.

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    You didn't specify but I'm assuming you have polished aluminum pods. In order to be spun (shaped) or cast, it is a softer and more vulnerable aluminum prone to oxidation.
    When they get heavy oxidation it really takes some elbow grease to restore them.
    Spot address the scratches with a stronger polishing compound. Then buff out the entire pod with the finest polishing compound. Plenty of choices at an automotive supply.
    Maintain the pods with a pure carnuba wax (no cleaner wax). Use only a terrycloth or worn cotton cloth. Apply several times per season.
    Avoid paper towels when cleaning--too abrasive.
    Powdercoating is a good long term solution. If it is a cast pod, it really needs to be baked in an oven (by the powdercoater) beforehand.


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