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to a certain degree. my old evo9 had a 2liter 4cyl. at the end, it was cranking 362hp/361tq at the wheels. this was with a tune and some bolton parts. was easily a 450hp car at the flywheel after 3 diffs and drivetrain loss. with larger turbos, that engine is capable of 600hp/550tq and still bulletproof.

I, personally think that the whole v6 notion is interesting. look at any of the large semis and they are all running an inline engine. I believe that some of the early diesel 3/4 were also inlines. perhaps domestics should be looking at a 4-5liter inline turbodiesel for these 1/2ton trucks. I also think that if dodge talks about 30mpg and 240/440, imagine what will happen when the tuning community gets ahold of it. perhaps it'll spec out at a true 35pmg chipped.
Absolutly man.

I know back in the 80s, and early 90s F150 has a 4.9 Inline 6 that would out tow any 5.0 V8 F150 and lasted a lot longer with no problems.

Inline engines have always turned out better Torque numbers then V engines, but the same goes the other direction for HP numbers lol.