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    Default Diesel Ram 1500

    going to be offered for sale 3 quater of this year
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    Default Diesel Ram 1500

    It's about freaking time someone did this! I hope they tune it for more power than what comes in the jeep tho

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    I honestly think Ford and GM are missing a grand opportunity! We've been talking about how much we wish we had a lighter duty diesel truck around home. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the 250, but there are times that I wish I had a lighter duty truck mainly because the darn thing is so big and drinks fuel more than the lighter duty trucks would!
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    I don't think it's about ford/chevy missing the boat. from what I understand, smaller 1/2ton diesels have not been around due to the impact on the gov't cafe numbers. 3/4ton don't play into average economy numbers so they have been "exempt" so to speak. would be interesting to see how this vehicle is going to play into dodge's overall fuel picture.
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    yaaawwwnnnn.... unless they come out with better numbers than what the jeep did this thing is going to get spanked by the eco boost 365hp 420ft lbs torque !!!!
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    This is where i see it going.

    I have been watching and reading plenty in the Diesel market and even right now it says its in testing.
    Id love to see a Diesel 1/2 ton, i think it would help to bring diesel fuel down as it would become more mainstream.

    They say they truck will be able to pull at least 10K and wiht 240 Hp 420 torque it just might do ok.

    The downside i see is that with those power numbers, it would be a dog still pulling up hills much the same as your normal gas truck. I dont think its enough power to pull a hill with a big trailer and not lose momentum like a gas truck does. IDK maybe it will do better with a 6speed trans, but most of the time the extra gears they add to the trans are high end highway gears.

    Driving the TDI my main complaint is at highway speeds since it lacks larger HP numbers it has no guts to pass over 60 mph. Below 45 its a beast and spins the tires at will.

    I think the Eco Boost will stay on top in this battle for now

    I would how ever love to see a 1/2 ton diesel live up to Diesels reputation and take the lead in the 1/2 ton truck market.
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    Default Diesel Ram 1500

    At Cove I can call out the Cummins when they come over the hill, you can't beat the sound the straight six makes, especially when they are loaded putting down a ton of torque on a steep grade.

    As if the numbers the 3.5l ecoboost aren't impressive here comes the little 3.0l that could. I think the success of the ecoboost helped push this along. Fords price point helped the ecoboost so I hope dodge doesn't want to charge too much for it.

    With an 8 speed Trans and diesel characteristics this thing could be a great boat puller that gets good mileage loaded and unloaded. Although I'm not in love with the roots of this v6.

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