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    Default 2007 LSV GIII For sale ~280 hrs, $30,000

    Well i'm going to list my boat for sale again, although this time it is not a particular priority to sell. My wife and I will be moving into a new place towards the end of March, so I wont have a ton of time to use it this summer.

    Its an 07 LSV w/ GIII ballast, Brittany blue hull/topdeck with the stainless package (cup holders, rub rail).

    -Motor has 280 hours on it, and is currently winterized (view my latest thread on winterization for the process I used - all was well when I finally got out to see the boat to ease my anxiety)

    The boat is in great condition minus a small tear in the sun pad from a wakeboard fin. The tear is more of a slice that is 1/4" long. I did have someone look at the boat last fall before I pulled the previous for sale ad, and they didnt even see the slice.O therwise all vinyl is in perfect condition, and was stored inside my house this winter. The rest of the boat is in excellent condition, and has been wiped down after every outing, and waxed monthly throughout its life.

    The prop is in perfect condition, never been dinged. The ballast system WAS blown out for winter to prevent the hoses from cracking, also to protect the ballast pumps.

    The stereo items are listed in my sig - everything goes. Alpine CDA-9885 mp3/cd/ipod , 2 12" RF subs that are entirely hidden, 6 RF cockpit speakers, 1000.2 amp on the subs, 400.4 on the cockpits, and a separate 400x2 on the tower speakers (4 Kicker's with 2 horns), 2 batterys and a farad digital capacitor.

    $30,000. I'm looking to get someone into a nice boat for a good price. I will upload better pictures soon. These two are the only ones that I currently have with me at work, and are only intended to give you a general idea.

    Thanks for looking. PM me if you'd like to call/discuss the boat.

    boat.JPGboat 2.JPG
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    2007 LSV - Brittany Blue - GIII ballast - Alpine CDA-9885 mp3/cd/ipod - Rockford 400.4 ampon the cockpit speakers, Rockford 1000 watt amp powering two 12 inch Rockford subs with Farad Stinger digital capacitor, 4 sets of Rockford component speakers & Rockford bow speakers.

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