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"Im not on a clock when on the lake"

That's one of the greatest things about being on the lake, and about the only time in my life when I'm not on a clock

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Totally agree with this point. I'm TRYING to slow down when I'm on the river. I like the sitting around and hanging out part. I've got a 2011 LSV with the 1,100lb bags and I think it takes a little over 10 minutes to fill and empty. It's been a few months so don't quote me on that time, but it isn't something I really notice either.

I think that's my main point, I don't notice it taking a long time to fill or empty. You're on the water, relax!

We looked at the MB when we bought our LSV last year. Didn't like the all subjective "feel" as much as the Moomba.