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Yes batteries are key when running multiple amps and ur stock alternator my keep up with the demand it may not depends on how many and what size amps u run. I have 3 batts 2 xs power xp2000 for the radio and a xs power Xp950 for cranking. I have 3000 watts rms in my boat so the stock alt does not keep up with the amp draw but a good on shore charger is key so ur batts are conditioned for the day. I use the pro mariner pro sport 20 plus. Alternators suck as batterie charger anyway. Now I have also ordered a mech man 170 amp alt for my boat to help things out a bit but this is not neccary
I don't see myself having 3000 watts of sound, maybe next summer. Looking at a 1200w 2 channel amp that should put a true 150w to the tower & I am not sure what is in the boat yet. I am deff doing that power plus thing though, I was reading up on that yesterday