Hey guys, new to the forum. I have been doing a lot of boat shopping, looking at Sangers, used Malibus, basically anything under 25k. There is a almost new Sanger DLX with 150 hours & a banging stereo, subs, amps, batteries & switch. Not a fan of the DD seating but I read it throws an awesome wake for both surfing & boarding with a little ballast. No ballast or perfect pass, but the boat is 16k & close by.

I came across a 2001 moomba mobius V 22 that has really caught my eye, 300 hours, garage kept, looks damn nice but it is 700 miles away so I cannot go look. He is willing to meet me in the middle though. Has the usually tower, stereo, single battery, bimini but again no ballast or perfect pass. He wants 20k. We really prefer the V drive seating.

So is it worth spending that much more even though I need to spend another grand for perfect pass & will probably need some fat sacks stashed somewhere?

How is the wake without ballast, what about surfing? Reliability, quality of the boat? Is 20k a good price?