We are working with a private seller via Craigslist to purchase a 2007 Moomba Outback. The boat is sweet and we'll only need to do some cosmetic work on it to bring it to like-new condition. My husband has spoken to the owner over the phone many times, and we have had numerous emails with him including a multitude of pictures.

He is asking for a $200 deposit to hold the boat for us for a few weeks until we're able to make the long drive to see the boat, and the sale is pending an engine test and thorough inspection.

I am 80% sure this is a genuine deal. The only thing that worries me is this deposit. While I completely understand the reason for it (I would be peeved if the tables were turned and I took a listing down for 3 weeks and didn't end up selling it), it raises a red flag for the mere reason that this is a CRaigslist deal. It has nothing to do with the guy personally. I am just leery of Craigslist deal in general. My husband isn't worried at all. This is just my worry.

So, if you were selling your boat to someone hundreds of miles away, what would be the best method to prove the boat exists and that you are, indeed holding it for the potential buyer?