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    No affiliation, just want to share a positive experience...

    I have REALLY bad water spots on my van windows. Our last house had hard, acidic water (more acidic than Coke!), and after years of washing, not drying (at least not well) and sitting in the sun, they wouldn't come off no matter what I tried (even steel wool). So when I saw Mother's came out with a new product, water spot remover for glass, I was super excited and went to their site and purchased a bottle (along with a bottle of marine vinyl protectant/cleaner).

    I tried putting it on with a rag, and it barely touched it Read the instructions further and it said to try it with a powerball for stubborn spots. It polished it a little, but it still didn't do anything to the water spots.. Needless to say, I was really bummed. So I emailed their customer service asking if they had any other ideas:


    I purchased some of the water spot remover for glass from you, having had great experiences with your products previously. My '06 Chevy Express 3500 has really bad water spots on the windows, and it is especially noticeable on the tinted windows. Where we lived previously had very acidic water at first, and then we got a filter and it was hard but neutral then.

    Unfortunately your product didn't touch my water spots...It makes the glass nice and smooth feeling, like a freshly waxed car, but the spots are still just as visible. I tried applying by hand with a microfiber rag like it says on the bottle, and also tried with a powerball. Nothing touches them... I tried SnoBol, Totally Awesome, Turtlewax Bug & Tar remover, and a couple other "chemical" waxes/polishes. I was told regular car wax will scratch glass, although I'm not sure if that is true?

    Any ideas on what could work? I'm really tired of these spots. They've gotta go!


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