I bought a new 2012 LSV last week and am hoping to upgrade the audio sometime soon. Having only four cabin speakers powered by the deck makes me cringe. This is my first marine install so I do feel a little bit overwhelmed.

List so far-

Clarion EQS746 - I think I will have to split one signal for the cabins and use the other for the tower?
Kicker ZXM700.5 - cabin amp for stock kicker speakers and sub
Kicker Solo-Baric S12L34
Sub box- I'm building one
Xscorpion CB200L - 200amp breaker inline to the distro
Tsunami TSDB-8021 - (2) power and ground distro
2 Exile XM9, with Harpoon amplifier
Various speaker/power wire/connectors
Second battery, BW R3098 relay, Battery box

Does it look like i've overlooked anything? Any suggestions?

Also, I havent had a chance to really look at it but my stock 1 battery system has a Blue seas battery switch (only options are 1 and off). Would it be alright to leave this intact and just install the isolator after the switch?


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