Just bought my first DD boat, its a 1998 Moomba Mobuis, has the 325hp motor, 295 hrs, tower, not sure if its factory or not. I still have lots to learn about, havent actually picked it up, just paid for it, my uncle looked at it, said to go for it, its in FL, I am in MI. Before you say dont buy sight unseen, my uncle is my eyes, he has owned several DDs and thats why i had him look it over and test drive it for me, and why I looked for boats in his area too, they are just much cheaper in FL than here in MI (stupid boating premium). I plan to head down in a week or 2 to pick it up, my uncle has it sitting in his driveway right now, so not in a huge rush since we have snow and ice still...well, sorta. hoping its going to be a fun boat for the family and hopin the freeboard is high enough to let us load up with people and stay dry. Anyways, Pics to come.