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Thread: LSV vs R20

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    Default LSV vs R20

    There is a summer camp by our lake house that uses an R20 and the thing looks tiny on the water. It's a good looking boat but like mike said, the smaller rear lockers and an cramped engine compartment could make maintenance a pain and 20ft is just too tiny. I won't buy another boat under 22 ft.

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    speaking from an ex owner of a launch20ssv and now a tige owner, don't do the r20. it's small, tige's stripped down boat, comes with the smallest engine of all the wakeboats with the 303ho. resale on that boat will be tough and take a while. if I were in the market for a 20ft boat, i'd look at the rzr, but it's out of your price range new and since it sounds like space is not an issue, go for the largest boat you can get for surfwaves. the lsv will outperform the r20 even with the r20 hull designs. a better comparison would be the z1 to an lsv as they are more similar in size. the z1 will have a bunch more bells/whistles, but the lsv will win the value and bang for the buck every day and the z1 doesn't have a proven surfwake yet.

    if it were my choice between the lsv and r20, lsv no brainer and all the way. you will not be unhappy with that boat and the surfwave it will produce not to mention the value it will bring at the price you will pay..

    and as far as working on them, if you are a dyi guy, the lsv will TOTALLY pwn any tige in the ability to do your own work. just ask my bloody knuckles from the last stereo install
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