My wife and I are in the market for a wakeboat, around 50 grand or under price wise, new or slightly used. We have been partial to Moomba, looking at LSVs for the past year and have even taken a 2012 out for a test drive. We loved it, and never seriously thought about another brand for the price, value, etc...

Until now. I知 not sure how long my joints can handle wakeboarding and wakeskating on the regular so I have become more interested in the wake surfing aspect of these boats. Tige seems to have some of the cleanest surf waves and the R20 was brought to my attention as an alternate option to the LSV. I must say I prefer the design, interior, and possibly surf wake (this can be debatable). The smaller size of the boat does not concern me as much, and can even be a positive for garage space, transportation and maneuverability.

These boats seem very comparable feature and price-wise. Has anyone here who was recently in the market ever considered the R20? What would be the major factors in your decision between these models? I知 just looking for thoughts on comparing the two that I may be overlooking at his point.