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    Default New fueling systems

    Who doesn't hate filling the boat at the gas station/gas dock and having the gas spit back out at you? Well, if that's something you REALLY hate, start working on the wife now about getting a new Moomba mid-2013. There are new Federal regulations regarding emissions that are forcing boat manufactureres to put in new fuel systems that prevent the gas fumes to be vented directly into the atmoshpere.

    The attached link will give you more details, but basically the new system uses some new valves and a carbon filter. As you push gas in from the deck fill, the vapor from the tank exits thru a vent in the tank and into a carbon filter. As the tank pressure builds, the a scond vent on the fill line shuts, backpressure builds and activates the nozzle shutoff. Works just like your car.

    I'm not positive on this, but my guess is these carbon filters aren't cheap. I've seen them in a 2013 Tige and it was mounted on the starboard rear locker wall. If the filter housing is breached, you'll have to get a new filter, so you're going to have to be careful messing with it. You'll have to also be mindful of the orientation of your boat when filling the tank. If your hitch is too low and/or your on an incline that puts the bow low, the tank valve will be activated, the inlet fill valve will close, the pump will shut off and you'll think you have a full tank of gas for the day. But, once your riding level on the water, you'll find you're at less than a full tank of gas.

    Links to a full & better explanation of he new system:

    The easy way to tell if a boat has this new system to look for this kind of thru hull which will probably be mounted close to the fuel cap.

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    glad the gov't is looking out for our best interest and adding another few hundred to the price of a new boat
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