^^ Exactly what I was doing. Grew up camping in a trailer with my folks. Owned a 24ft travel trailer for a few years and it was fun but we were looking for the "all in one" deal instead of having 2 tow vehicles. Leaning toward the Class C for the extra bunk space since we usually have 4 kids + an extra or two so tents are always in the mix for the older ones.

Gotta say though - the roadtrip portion with a motorhome is much nicer with a little space for them to move around rather than looking for the next thing to start fighting/whining/arguing about while they're shoulder to shoulder for 3-4 hours in the back seat of a truck or SUV.

I already gave in to the fact that gas mileage with a motorhome and boat in tow shouldn't even factor into the equation with what we're doing. Ford seems to dominate the class C. I'd consider a class A if it had front bunks and/or side bunks somewhere but those seem rare if at all.