Well my luck ran out - on the way in to work this morning I got pulled over by a State Patrol K9 unit. I know my windows are over the limit for too dark and I wasn't speeding or anything so as I came to a stop I rolled them both down just in case that was why I caught his attention.

Sure enough. He was nice enough and said that last month an officer here in town was shot approaching a vehicle with dark windows. Said if they can't see in from the outside then they are going to start cracking down - new policy in WA state. I tested out at 14%.

He actually thanked me for rolling down the windows for him too. Their other new policy apparently is that they will treat it like a felony stop and take you out hands drawn, at gun point if deemed necessary?, for having dark windows! Said they're not messing around or taking any chances with it now. Probably one of the nicest Staters I've had the unfortunate opportunity to meet - let me off with just a verbal warning.

Guess I know what my next project is now. I think I'll feel kind of naked without them dark though.