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    Great to finally meet you Mike, Al, RobertJ et al. Great time - got to meet Bob Soven and Parks Bonifay as well - that was fun. My son got a few autographs and snagged a few free t-shirts. Boat pics were hard to come by due to the crowds. We were there until it cleared out and they were ready to close down but we were too infatuated with the G23 on display to get any good pics.

    Took a real close look at the surf gate. I'm still not convinced and heard mixes reviews from those at AWS who have rode them. I may still mockup a prototype just to play.
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    It was nice to meet you Greg (Berg) and Russ (boonejeepin), and good seeing Mike, RobertJ, and Brian again. As Mike says, I have been busy with other things and have not had much time for the forum. But with the wet weather settling in, that may change

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post
    I just try to do my part, im a little horse this morning trying to yell over speakers LOL.

    Jester was not there as hes in Hawaii but his sister was there.
    Mike sorry I missed it but I decided to do my swimming in warm weather and not flooded streets. I hear there was some good prices and good to ready your review. The SA 350 for 89K is a big more then I thought they would be selling it for. One of these years I might make it and not be in Hawaii with warm weather.
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