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Thread: Buying Truck

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    Default Buying Truck

    Hard a hard cover on my SportTrack. Never again. Whenever I needed it to be off, like buying a tree at Hime Depot, it was on. Whenever I needed it to be on, like during a downpour, it was sitting in the garage. Also, I kind of doubt you could take it on/off yourself just due to the awkwardness of handling something of that size.

    Best solution is a Roll-N-Lock cover, IMO. However, if you have a crew cab and short bed, you will give up some cargo space. And, they are pricey.

    I went with a Truxedo brand soft cover. No snaps, and like max said, installs easily yourself. Best part, its there when you need it and out of the way in a sec when you don't.

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    Default Buying Truck

    I have a hybrid of the two. It is a BAK Roll X. It is a hard aluminum cover with vinyl on top, so it looks like the soft but can not be broken into. Check out this link. I have been very happy with it. Very easy to install.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    ... Whenever I needed it to be off, ..., it was on. Whenever I needed it to be on, like during a downpour, it was sitting in the garage....
    I've had a lot of trucks, and this is why I'll never put a hard cover on it. If you use it as a truck, it is going to be more of an invonenience than a convenience.

    That said, my wife's grandpa has a roll-up hard tonou, and that thing is awesome! It takes up a little space at the front, but is sturdy, lockable and sealed when out. I'd own one of these in a heartbeat, if I could afford one. not sure of the brand, but I think there are a few out there now. I haven't looked into them in years, but they used to be pretty pricey.
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    I have a Access soft cover and roll it up for my dirt bike and roll it down to lock the gear inside. It keeps the water out and rolls into an 8" roll at the cab. It is nice to have a place to secure the gear that you don't want to fly out of the boat. You need a locking tailgate to make it fairly secure though. It should help with the gas mileage also.
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