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    Default "Hump" at drivers feet: removeable?

    I've been reading and looking at pics in another thread about placing the subwoofer at the driver's feet, and was wondering if I could do something similar in my boat with a custom-made box (Mobius LSV 2005).

    Is that "hump" at the driver's feet, that the helm wires and steering cable go though, removeable (meaning are there screws/bolts holding it in)? I fiddled with it one day and it seemed like it was part of the fiberglass shell and one would have to cut it out of there, but maybe I just didn't feel around enough.

    It would be great if it was...then I could get it out of there and mount the subwoofer box in its place.
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    I removed mine in the supra. it wasn't hard. it's molded into the fiberglas of the boat. once it was out, I saw no structural reason to have it installed other than a place for skiers to place a sub and as a footrest/divider to the front of the boat. took 10 minutes and a sawzall

    there's pics before and after in my old stereo install thread.

    several on here have placed boxes on top of that, but I found it to be cleaner to remove it in my particular case.
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    Research before cutting your boat. Contact SC directly.
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    Scope Newty's profile and the Album 'My Moomba Mods' - although his is newer, probably the same hump. Shows how he cut it out and reglassed it.

    This link may work?
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    I, and by that I mean Dusty, set ours up to sit on the hump and come forward a few inches. It doesn't go all the way to the ground so no leg room lost.
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