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Al I can see I need to make you my new best friend for next season and start up the 'good buddy' demo program!
Any time Berg. I have actually thinned out my quiver a little. I sold a couple that were redundant and the top board is actually not mine - it's Brian's from Exile.

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So which one is your favorite?
Boon, my favorite and my son's favorite is the red and yellow board, third from the bottom. It's the Drive model made by React. I think it's 4'-6". Made by a small company in Vancouver, WA that closed their doors last year (Newty's uncle, I think he was). Great board, super fast, turns on a dime, lots of nose rocker so you don't bury the nose.

The green Slingshot Space Pickle is my newest board. I bought it to be the all around board that everyone should be able to freeride in no time. It's super thick and floaty and fairly long but still fairly light. Great board to go from first pull to freeriding as soon as possible. Also a great board for heavier riders.