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Thread: Moomba T-shirts

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    Quote Originally Posted by sicktc06 View Post
    A while ago, I bought a Moomba shirt from the site that was "My boat runs on Gas, not thanks! and had a gas pump with 3.99 gas prices, and a no wake buoy on it. Any idea if these will ever show back up or can be made if I send a pic?!

    have this shirt myself-one of my favorites
    Hey, Its Moomba time

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    Quote Originally Posted by sicktc06 View Post
    Not the best pic.
    And I was incorrect, no buoy just the pump saying No Wake.

    I'll try to remember to get a good pic of it when I get home and send it over to you! This old age stuff is catching up to me. But here's the shirt.

    But I got this shirt from the Moomba website. It has the Moomba logo on the front as well.
    this shirt is awesome, i need one

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    Count me in too. I'd be in for a polo, t-shirt(s), and any baby gear.
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    Not really "Moomba" shirts, but you can see where I got the idea.....

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    All the suggestions of printing shorts, hats, coozies etc are great as a group.................but none has answered why the GEAR section has been down for so long and wh the company isn't making more for us to buy & promote?
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