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    Default Monster Cargo Bimini

    Sold my 01 Super Air & bought an 04 XLV loaded out let me say i love this boat way more than the Nautique out has way more room & a much better thought out storage space. I was looking to get a bimini top for it & was thinking about a monster cargo bimini top would be nice anyone got any pix of one on an XLV also what size did you order med our small?

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    Default Monster Cargo Bimini


    I love mine. Especially for the price.

    Not the best pics.

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    I really, really want one of these.
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    The monster site recommends a small size for us since we have one of the monster towers not the stock moomba one, but could you still just get a medium as long as you don't mind mounting any speakers? I could never see us mounting speakers on our mobius due to all the old folks who live on the lake. In your opinion, would the small be too small?
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    So you have the medium I guess when you ordered yours the choices were small & medium just wondering someone else on here said when they ordered theirs the sizes available were med & large which I guess then the medium would equate to a small? Also if you have anymore pix of the bimini can you post them that is a good looking boat though. Also does anyone know if their is any difference between the 04 & 10 XLV's towers?

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