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    Ive got a few but the top of the list is,

    Waiting for people. Me and Claudia used to always get into it because i say were leaving at 1 and shes not ready. So the joke has been when we are late, or something im on Claudia time. But man do i get angry and let her know im not happy being late.

    Another is trash and dirt inside my cars. I cant stand my truck or boat to be dirty inside. I constantly clean them. When i drive her car and its got stuff i will clean it right then griping the entire time about why is there trash in a new car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    My wife and kids live in that movie "Sleeping with the Enemy." Almost. None of the physical abuse stuff, just the organization fo things.

    I like doors/drawers closed, stuff to be put back where it was taken from, and replacing stuff you've used the last of like the TP in the bathroom. I can't stand the constant, "Has anyone seen my (insert anything here from ipod, keys, phone, clothes, dog, homework, brother/sister, brain).

    you and my wife must be brother and sister. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    When we say we are going ,say Boating and i say we are leaving at (930am) and people show up at 945 or later. Sometimes i just leave them behind. Do people not know that being on time or early is the right way to do things. I'm usually there by say 915 and even then sometimes i feel guilty.. Punctuality People.....

    Atleast I'm not the only one. The guy that works for me wanted to go to the lake. I told him to be at my house at 9am, I ended leaving at 9:45 and he still did not show up. I came into work on Monday and he asked why I left him.
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    I fart a lot in my sleep

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    A place for everything and everything in it's place - sounds easy right? Drives me nuts that the kids and their mom can't figure out that simple rule.

    I always set the coffeemaker on auto-pilot the night before so it's ready to go first thing in the morning when I roll out. Will even get up and go do it in the middle of the night if I forgot for some reason. It's worth it to start the day off on a good note!

    Her quirk that drives me nuts?? Every single source of light has to be covered in the room at night or she can't sleep. I mean EVERYTHING. Phones, chargers, alarm clock, DVR, whatever. It's like sleeping in a cave in absolute pure blackness. Waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find your way to the bathroom can be a dangerous adventure...
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    I will often silently repeat a sentence to my self 3-4 times after speaking it.
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