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Kinda weird to not have to do any tuneup stuff for so long isn't it. I just rolled over 100k not too long ago and figure I 'm due for a tune as well. Haven't done anything at all besides oil, filter, antifreeze, etc since I bought it 55k miles ago, figure it's time. Maybe I can squeeze a little better power and mpg back out of it again.

Debating on a tranny flush. Not sure if that would extend the life for a few more summers of boat pulling or just be flushing $ down the dipstick.
I typically follow this schedule.

Oil and filter and tire rotation every 5,000 miles

Air filter every 15,000 miles

Tranny fluid every 25-30,000 miles

Rear diff, spark plugs, decarb, brake flush, power steering flush, coolant flush every 100,000 miles

I put 20-25,000 a year on my vehicles so I get up to 100k fairly quick

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