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    Default SUPRA MODIFICATIONS - yep, another RGB LED install

    I know it's been done ad nauseum, but here's another perspective in case you owners of older Moombas wanna play with the big boys & their new(er) toys. I took a lot of liberties rebuilding/upgrading my old Supra Saltare & just finished wiring in RGB LED courtesy lights. Under $200 if you shop around. Mine was made easier since I ran all the 4 conductor wire while I had the hull split apart, but still shouldn't be too bad if you don't mind soldering a few, well, a good number of connections.

    I pre-wired a harnesses for each of the speaker/cupholder pods. Each harness has two surface mount, waterproof, RGB's from Oznium for under each cupholder and one 4 light, waterproof, RGB module from EcoLights mounted facing down in the original courtesy light location. I wired each harness with a 4 pin connector so that I can easily unbolt and unplug the speaker/cupholder pods if needed.

    Pod LED Harness.jpg

    I cut the backs out of some standard trunion bulb stern light housings to replace the original courtesy lights, so I have a nice clear lens and s/s trim ring to finish it off. I also added one of the EcoLight modules and trim lens/ring to the panel below the walk-thru by the ice chest. I did not put one in the helm cupholder since I thought the glare/reflection off of the tinted window would be too distracting.

    I wired all the lights to an RGB controller mounted up under the helm with a remote that controls the 13 different modes (solid colors, fades with adjustable speed/brightness, and 2 audio modes). I took two of the speaker level outputs from the head unit through a Stinger line level converter as the audio inputs to the controller.

    The effect is pretty cool - I can change the color to suit the mood, or the kids love the full on disco. A neat feature of the audio modes is that the brightness is varied with the volume in addition to changing colors with the beat. The reflection in the new s/s cupholders is more subdued than the RGB rings, but looks really cool with a bottled beverage of choice installed.

    All I have is this crappy cell phone video, but you get the idea...

    And a big THANKS AGAIN for all the help/advice/wisdom I've garnered over here from my SC cousins as I finish up this rebuild project.
    89 Supra Saltare Restoration Project

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    Pretty cool, pretty cool. These just never get old!
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    Wow. Nice info.

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