first and foremost, I would like to preface this by giving props to brian at exile. he was going to set me up with a great system from exile, but last minute, I ended up a different route due to a cousin that had some gear and needed some cash quick. worked out good for me

the boat has a decent head unit from clarion that I'd like to replace as it's only 2v outputs, but due to the stupid tigetouch, it's easier to leave in-place. it also comes with 4 wetsounds cabin speakers. going to leave them in-place as well. good speakers that sound great just off the factory deck(my boat didn't come with any of the upgrades).
As I mentioned, was talking with my cousin and he offered me a screaming deal on 2 arc audio ks(kar) series amps that he never used. brand new. so i'm using a 300.4 for the cabins and a 300.2 for the towers. I found a guy on ebay selling a brand new 1200.1 that he didn't use in his audi and it'll be the sub amp. I'm hoping that since these amps are class g/h, they will be much more efficient than the last system I had using class a/b. seems that's the way boat amps are heading. found another guy selling a brand new jl 12w6. was going to use 3 in his car and only did 2. I had this same sub in my supra and it absolutely pounds. probably overkill in a boat again, but the price was right. I had hlcd's in the supra and didn't like them. the bullet hollowpoints were really "bright" and had no low end. I know it was due to an hlcd in a 6.5" size-they needed to be bigger. after wavering back and forth between getting larger hlcd's or standard surf speakers, I decided to do coax's. was going to use the sxt65's from exile, but my tige dealer(by nature, he is also a wetsounds dealer due to tige/wetsounds relationship) gave me a smoking deal on 2 pairs of icon8's(only due to buying a boat from him as I guess ws is price controlled). I'm hoping the larger cone area will pay off, but they were also several hundred less than the exiles. the only other additions will be a 3rd set of wetsounds cabin speakers to balance out the sub and a zld driver from exile to get a better signal to the amps and the ability to balance out the boat/tower speakers.
so far with 3 amps, a sub and the wetsounds tower speakers, I'm in the job $2400. I think it's pretty good for the gear I've assembled.
I can't raise my tower in the garage here, so one of my other cousins has agreed to lend me a bay at his electrical shop to do the install starting the first of october. it's a huge shop and heated so it will be nice to be doing the install out of the elements when the weather is crap

pretty excited to start collecting all the rest of the pieces to finish this. the end goal is under 3k for the whole install including a 3rd battery and all the wiring...

the pile has started..