We keep our 2010 LSV in front of our cottage on Little Traverse Bay off of Lake Michigan on a mooring buoy. When a storm rolls in we get some pretty good size waves and the swim platform has come off ... twice ... and washed up on our beach.

The holes on the bracket have been torn out ... as detailed elsewhere on this forum. I plan to have them TIG welded and re-drill 1/4" holes. Will also replace the original pins with bolts (actually have on one side).

But, I'm concerned that the platform will continue to stress the brackets and also the transom ... even with new material welded-on.

What about drilling several thru-holes in the platform to allow the upward pressure from the water to dissipate as the water will "push-thru" instead of being trapped below the platform?

Teak platforms are made from strips of teak which allows water to pass-thru.

I'm not thinking about Swiss cheese but 6-8 3" holes across the width.

Good idea ... bad idea?