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    Default One off Custon Evolution Cover.

    Got my new cover in, took a few months to get it done as i wanted something speacial and there was some trouble getting it all done but i finally got it.

    First off this cover is simply amazing. If your even thinking about buying a New Boat, SC or who ever, and they want to charge you 600+ bucks for a cover, DONT DO IT get it deleted call Corey and for 900 you can get a true towing cover that will out last any factory cover out there.

    I will never own another cover for a boat again unless its by Evolution.
    The fit is perfect to the boat, the details under the cover are perfect, such as the rear of the cover rests on your rear deck, so theres a protective pad there to make sure your boat isnt damaged, and the cover isnt actually touching your fabric. The cover is held onto the baot at the rub rail with small clamps < not really a clamp but cant think of what you call it > and they are wraped with soft protective fabric. All the points on the cover that touch anything are reinforced, and paded as to not scratch the boat or cause any damage.

    At the tower legs, they use zippers, and these are heavy duty, also extra padding to protect your boat. There is a draw string simular to what factory covers have but the string is soft and pliable not hard and stiff. At each tower leg there is little latching hooks that allow to you undo the cord and fit it around the tower then latch it back together. This cord is whats used to sinch the cover down under the rub rail for towing.

    On the rear of the boat is 5 attachments, 2 go threw the rear D rings on the boat, and 3 are adjustable buckles that loop threw the rear handle on the boat. Then you have the draw sring that sinched the cover down at the rub rail.

    The cover isnt real heavy feeling but its a thick material.

    First time i put it on it was pretty stiff, i have installed and removed it 4 times, and its getting easier each time as the material is breaking in.

    Towing with this cover is awesome, you only get a little movement at the windshield and this is caused by the draft of the truck. No balloning, not flapping or anything.

    On to the pics.

    Cover installed.

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