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    I couldn't help notice your plate... Did you get these locally in AB, or did you have to bring them in?
    2012 Mojo2.5
    1100 surf side
    400 goofy side
    500 under floor
    725 IBS
    260 bow floor
    (The more spotters the better)

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    Where did you get your lights from? Are you happy with them so far? Thanks
    2008 Mobius LSV

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    I bought all of my lights on line. More cost effective than we can get them for in Canada.

    And yes, beyond happy.

    Was out last weekend and pulling a water skier, and the wake created by the prop wash was all blue. So even looks great at higher speeds.

    I will try and add more pictures, but as you know they just don't seem to turn out as good as the final result actually looks.

    As always, my apologies for slow responses.

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    What kind are they? I have been looking at life forms and the x600 marine lights from bulletlines, any suggestions?
    2008 Mobius LSV

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