The last two days my father and I completed our ballast upgrade. We have a 2007 LSV with the Gravity 1 system and upgraded with 750's in the rear and an IBS up front. We drilled two 3/4" thru hulls (takes more than a few brews to get the guts to actually drill), have 2 Rule 1100 pumps feeding the two rear sacs, and plumbed a 'Y' fitting from the Gravity 1 sac so the stock pump can feed the middle sac and IBS. We have Tsunami 800's draining the two rear sacs and the IBS. With multiple trips to Lowes and spending what seemed like an eternity figuring out where to put the thru hull fittings for the pumps, we finally got it done. Unfortunately, like every project, there have been a few issues...

First, we put it in the water (no leaks thank god), hit the fill button, and everything worked great. Hit the drain button, and not so well. The drain pumps for the two rear sacs wouldn't prime. They would turn on, but would not run any water until we actually sucked through the drain holes to get them to prime. Since that inital draining issue it has been hit or miss, sometimes it primes and sometimes not. Has anyone had an issue with this or know a fix?

Also, with the 'Y' fitting feeding the middle sac and IBS, it's not getting much water at all to the IBS. The middle sac fills completely and actually starts draining through the drain pump before the IBS is actually filled. Has anyone tried this type of setup and dealt with the same issue?

We've also noticed that the rear sac's tend to lose water while we're wakeboarding/surfing. Not noticing any leaks, we figured this was due to the back pressure created by the water moving under the boat and think if we intstall one way valves on the fill lines that should prevent that issue.

Other than those three main things the set up rocks and I have to thank everyone here for the help. Went surfing today and have NEVER been able to ride as far back as we did today. Also filled up the rear sac's all the way and went boarding and the wake was huge. Couldn't be more happy. Would love to post pictures but we forgot to charge the camera before we came up to the lake, my apologies.