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Thread: Crazy accident

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    Default Crazy accident

    Had to travel back to OH and then on to PA this weekend for my Grandmother's funeral. Got back to my parent's home (my home from birth - only "home" I've known) late this afternoon and just needed to get out to clear my head. Went for a drive thru my old stomping grounds, reliving some old memories. Decided I needed to see the water, so went out by the reservoir and saw a ton of flashing lights on the bridge. Tried to get a peek, but everything was shut down. Saw a few rescue boats and thought the worst.

    Story finally came online this evening:

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    Thats sad. I know on my bike i find myself less aggressive then in the truck. I will pass a slow mover a lot faster in my truck then i do the bike. IDK why its like that but on the bike im just not in a hurry to get anyware lol. Its sad he had that accident and for no good reason but his own bad judgement.
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