Went to the dealership to get an oilchange and tire rotation on my 2010 F150 16 month old 5.4 truck. Had a little time to kill and i always was VERY interested to see what the ECOBOOST was really all about.
I ran into my old salesman and asked if it would be possible to take one out for a test spin?Well of course the answer was YES.
Low and behold before we even hopped into a Similar but newer truck ,with said motor,he mentioned FORD was having a 4 day 0% financing sale...

Of course i was like ,NO I CANNOT BUY another truck,BUT then he went on to tell me IF..... we could basically trade keys and no more money would you be interested?

Guess what??? We now have a 2012 ECOBOOST F150 with sweet 20'" rims, remote start and then identical match truck.. Redo financing and 28.00 a month more payments (due to slight upgrades),start financing over. ALL paper,transfers ,payouts etc included... Now i have the truck i really wanted!!!!!!

More power ,5mpg better and more features... I love it. I really don't think i will ever be able to take the truck back for service EVER,but oh well...

I have to admit that my wife was MORE than understanding,and willing to commit to this after explaining just the fuel savings and SHE gets a remote starter. Now just gotta figure how to get Cold air kit and reprogrammer???

Now just gotta break her in and hook up the boat and see how she really performs..