Please Please dont less Russ and his love for wet suits fool you into thinking our water is that cold all the time LOL.

Russ has a love for wet suits like most have for beer. Russ is just scred to get a sun tan thats teh reason he wears it all the time LOL.

So fare the temps at the lakes i have been to are

Hagg 76-78
Green Peeter 68-74
Foster 72-74

Thats pretty typical for our lake bodies,

The rivers tend to stay mid to high 60s all summer.

The nice thing is we dont have to be 100 to be warm out, growing up in AZ you are used to 100s all the time and the sun feels pretty warm

In Oregon if its 60 and sunny the Sun actually feels pretty warm and by the time you get to 80 your honestly thinking man its getting pretty dam hot.

I know i know you other southern boys are shaking your heads saying you dont know heat till you been down in our area, your rightfully so, but i dont have water at 90+ eighter LOL