Hello all,

I wondered if any might have some insight into my problem.

I have two batteries (#1 Accessories, #2 Engine) with my Bep VSR set to two. A sticking bilge ran down battery #1. Replaced the bilge. I have been trying to recharge battery #1 with a few hours of cruising but the next evening always come back to a dead #1.

I also have two stinger voltage meters on the dash. Tonight, for the first time, I noted a "low" reading on the #1 battery meter even with the motor running. Usually the meter spikes up and begins charging even with the BEP VSR set to #2. The reading remained "low" until I switched to #1 & #2 on the BEP. After 20 minutes or so I put the VSR back to #2 and within a few short minutes the meter would plummet down to "low".

I've pulled battery #2 and placed on the charger. I'll have it tested before putting back in the boat tomorrow.

Does it sound possible that I have a failing BEP VSR? Any way to check this?


2008 Moomba LSV