So I need some suggestions, I purchased a 2011 LSV new last year and have had a hissing sound in the speakers (only when the engine is running) from day one. My dealer has tried a few things with no success. The sound is very annoying, so much so that we have stopped using the stereo all together. My wifeís favorite feature of the boat is the stereo; hence this has become a big issue! This is our third new Skiers Choice boat since 2005 (first two were a 2005 Supra 21 & a 2008 Gravity Games XLV) and may be our last. We have had similar issues with the other two boats as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I donít get this figured out soon we will be an ex Skiers Choice customers! So if someone from the factory reads this please step up and help me fix this issue!