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    Default What amp would be my best option?

    Which amp would be the best to purchase to push my (6) Kicker 6.5's? When I bought the boat it came with a Kicker dx200.4 I think and another kicker amp zx300.2 for my tower. I know my speakers are under powered and I want to put some more juice to them. Any thoughts?

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    The DX200.4 delivers 50 x 4 @ 2 ohm and 25 x 4 @ 4 Ohm. So each of your 6 speakers are receiving 25W rms. Keeping within the Kicker line. If you want a solid amp with good power and wont break the bank, The ZX350.4 is worth looking at. It will deliver 60W to each speaker wired to an individual chnl and 45W to each speaker with a pair wired in parallel to a chnl.

    A real nice upgrade would be the Class-D Full-Range IX500.4. Small footprint and super efficient. It would deliver 75W to a speaker or 62W to each when a pair os wired to a chnl in parallel.

    Outside of the Kicker stable, I would look for a 4 chnl amp with a 4 ohm rating between 50W to 100W and a 2 Ohm rating between 75W and 150W. Also, look for an amp that is rated using CEA2006 standards. This helps insure that the delivered output is close or better then the advertised specs.

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    I had the same setup with the 200.4, it was decent but I wanted more power. I went with the IX500.4 to the stock Kickers that came in the boat. I'm extremely happy and satisfied with the amp and the stock Kickers sound good being powered by it. I'm looking to upgrade the cabins here soon.

    Got a good deal on the amp from

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