Even though Claudia said no more toys after the truck, muahaha i was greatly surprised when she said i should buy the bike i have been wanting for so long. Of course this was only after we just paid 20K to pay off all our debt, save the house and cars. I have a habit of living way under our income to allow toys and such and normaly put away more then 1K a month to savings and such, plus we both pay a ton into stocks. Recently her company went public and forced her to sell a bunch of our stocks, once i paid everything off she presented me with an offer i couldnt refuse. Buy the bike ive been wanting.

I have been drooling over Victory Motorcycles for quite some time. I have Harley's as well but after a lot of research I decided a HD wasnt for me.

I choose a Victory Vision Premium Tour bike.
I was torn for a while between the 8Ball Vision <all blacked out but no options> and the Tour all the options but not blacked out. I was lucky enough to find the best of both. The previous owner spent a ton of money to have everything Black Chromed and the result is perfect to my tastes.
I choose this bike because in the NW our boating season is shorter, as well as the riding season. On a Vision though your season get extended quite a bit with all the creature comforts.
Some of them, Best in class Air deflection and rain protection
Power windshield to adjust while you ride to fit your comfort for that day
Heats hand grips
Heated Seats
HID Headlight
Cruise Control
Stereo with MP3 and IPod control
Tip over protection so if the bike gets knocked over nothing is damaged
106 V twin engine
6 speed gear drive trans

The pics are from the dealer i bought it from in a little town just south of Seattle. I am picking her up tomorrow. I have already began the upgrades by ordering lower wind deflectors, lay down license plate, and got a stereo upgrade in the works lol.
For those that are safety minded, i picked up a TourMaster 3/4 riding jacket designed for all seasons, a Scorpion Full face Hem and leather riding gloves.
On to the Pics. Ohh and yes she has a name. Sophia my fat bottom girl.