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    I think its more of a problem anytime when one brand comments on another brand's product. Its just in very bad taste and appears a little deperate to control the perception. Plus, in being part of the forums for years now I have found that one brand knows very little about the other brands product and what actually makes it tick.
    The effective piston diameter of speaker is measured from the very center of the surround to surround. Then this is converted to a surface area via a simple formula.
    I can confirm that the Exile XM9 has an outer diameter of an additional 3/8" over the Wetsounds REV8. This equates to 12 percent more surface area which might translate to as much as a 0.3 dB increase in output. Now a difference of 1.0 dB is the minimum that a human can discern in an ideal 'quiet' room let alone an environment that is windy and filled with ambient noise. So once this difference is actually put into context you can better judge whether that fine of a distinction makes a difference or not. Personally I wouldn't exactly hang my hat on it.

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    @MLA - To be clear, I didn't state "we have our own way of measuring things.....". I scanned up the thread and the only one that says that is you friend. It's pretty straight forward, and scientific. Use a standard pair of calipers and measure the speaker. Case closed.

    To expand on the word conventional... (Maybe this is where your confusion came from), many tower speaker products on the market are are standard speakers, mounted in enclosures and attached to a tower with a simple collar. The pro axial version of that would be a pro audio speaker mounted in an enclosure and attached to the tower. The XM9 is the first speaker on the market (that I'm aware of) that leaves the realm of conventional tower speaker design behind. Yes it has all the standard parts (cone, surround, magnet etc) but each one is unique in that we went to the effort to tool each individual part so we could integrate it into an enclosure with no basket--to reduce enclosure size. In simple terms what Im' saying its 100% our own design--every single part. This is an expensive proposition (read lots of tooling), but it also comes with benefits. By taking this approach it allows us to put a bigger speaker in a smaller enclosure and ensure better control of how all parts assemble. And disassemble for that matter.

    There is a limit to how how small enclosure displacement can be. Acoustically we electronically modeled and rapid prototyped 3 different options. In the end, we opted for what you know as the XM9. Increased mid bass punch (smaller physical enclosure) rather than low end bass extension (bigger physical enclosure). Response from the riders has been fantastic. XM9 is a home run in my book and achieves everything we intended in it. Now if we could just figure out how to mold a bottle opener into it.... :>

    Hope that clears up your confusion.

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    I got the boat home and took measurements. The rev 10's will fit between the bimini top. So now for the tuff decision. Xm9's or Rev 10's. I have to email Tim for the weight of the rev 10's. I know they will be heavy, but I never fold the tower. I have no doubt that both exile and wetsounds have exceptional equipment, it just comes down to preference. Im waiting for the local dealer to get a boat in with the rev 10's on it so I can hear it. Im also hoping that Ian Ashton will get his xm9 install done, and let a gratefull moomba owner come over for a listen. (I would bring beer of course.) If you have either of these speakers installed I would love some feedback. Im getting excited and really want to pull the trigger on the speakers. Once again thanks Tim, and Brian for the help, both companies have excellent customer service, and have nothing but good things to say about each others products.

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