I have an 87 wrangler that did its last emmisions test and I need to get rid of all the emmissions/Cat etc.
I just did a Nutter by-pass to bypass the ignition which controls all of the fuel/emmission etc.
The link: http://www.4x4wire.com/jeep/tech/ele...jn-ignition99/
I need suggestions on which way to go.

Which vacuum lines do I need
There is easily 50ft of vacuum lines in this thing with tie-ins to the exhaust, diphrams all over the place. Its a mess. I want to simplify things and clean it all up.

Rebuild Carb or replace
With the bypass I did I no longer need the stepper motor on the carb and don't want to replace it with a like carb. Do I need an aftermarket carb or can i rebuild the current one with any real improvement.

Not worried about milage just smooth idle and dependability.