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Thread: my new commuter

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    Nice bike. Been commuting by bike for years now ('07 Yamaha FZ6). Watch for cars, 'cuz they sure don't watch for you! If you ride in town a lot, I'd recommend a louder exhaust. I went from being cut off/merged into once very week or 2 to about 2-3 times per year!
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    no stranger to the world of cars. been riding for 5 years and had several close calls, mostly on the interstate with people merging and not seeing you. the best thing I can say is having owned a bike, it heightens all your driving senses. has made me more aware when in a car as well.

    we have several canyons less than 15 minutes from front door and work to carve up. that's where the fun is
    almost settled on a more docile commuter like the fz6/8 or a speed triple, but something about a pure sport bike...
    night and day from my tgb laser150 scooter that's the grocery getter...
    '06 Supra Launch 20SSV-gone but never forgotten

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