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    Default Budget Audio Upgrade

    For others that may be looking at a budget upgrade...boat came with the stock 6 speaker MB Quart set up, no tower speakers and I was ready to upgrade to something I can hear while surfing and swimming with a little bass. I know I spent 5x,xxx on a boat, why cheap out on audio. Its a family boat and my kids are very young, I only wakeboard 15 minutes a week, so it is mainly a surf and swim boat. This set up should be perfect for me.

    4 Tower Cans Aluminum Black Powder Coated - 139.98
    4 Kicker 6200 - 144.95
    1 Kicker ZXM700.5(refurb) - 297.50
    1 Kicker SKM10 - 160.00
    1 amp install kit - 27.95

    Total $770.38

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