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    UPDATE: Ok so, i had to re-do my port side yesterday! the pads are working great, the starboard side is still looking like it did the day i put it it, but the reason for the port slipping out, was i cut the pad too small, the outside screw/bolt cut its way out of the pad because there was not enough space from the hole for the screw to the edge of the pad, it cut out, hence pad started to eventually slip out.

    so i made the pad cut a little bigger, showing about 1/2 inch of pad on each end of tower, i also tossed the wrench and got my socket set out, 7/16 w/ extension bar and a swivel socket, was able to tighten down MUCH better, i even re-tightened the startboard side just for good measure and was amazed on how loose i actually had the screw/bolts.

    So my advice is make the new pad cut alittle bigger than your original pads and have them stick out a bit more so the screw holes cant slip and get "cut out" as easy and also get a swivel socket to tighten down a little better where it pushes/squeezes down the pad a little that should help w/ movement and slipping.
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