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After speaking to skiers choice about a newer tank install that wouldn't work due to the fuel pump being inside the tank, decided to put a hole in the flat spot between the front 2 track fins. Im going to just remove the plug from the bottom and cut the head off the T handle to make a recessed access. The plugs are brass, so its easy to do whatever you want with it.

The bilge is over the rear v in the hull.
Yeah. I just measured again today.... No dice... I am gonna do mine from the bottom as well. Just be careful not to hit the gas tank when your drilling through. I picked up a drain with 2" flange at west marine the other day. It was about $9. You know they make plug that is slotted for an allen wrench. That way it could be tightened down flush with the flange. I don't think there would be much issue with using a regular plug since it is between the fins there would not be much drag. I need to find a hole saw that is shorter than the one I have. I was going to drill it today when I was drilling the holes for my ballast, but the drill wouldn't fit between the boat and brace on the trailer.

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