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    Default How do I post a pic!!!!

    Ladies and gentlemen I waxed my 05 Yellow XLV and I am so proud of the boat I'm ready to bust!!! So I thought I would post a picture to share the love. However I rarely do anything harder than post and read e-mail. Any help would be great.

    2005 Moomba 23 XLV
    340 HP, Clarion 5 HU, 2 Clarion wired digital remotes, 2 Wetsounds 485's, 6 Wetsounds XS 650's, 1 JL 12w6 Sub, 1 Wetsound WS420, 2 JL 300/2amps, 1 Wetsounds Sync 4 amp, 1 JL 500/1 amp. Teak swim platform, Perfect pass. Flip up Bow Light, Chrome tower Nav Light, Chrome thru hulls, Black Bimini, 2 750 Flyhigh bags, 1100 center Flyhigh bag, Acme 1235 14.25 x 14.5 prop, Dual battery system. Evolution Cover. Chrome Blower Vent Covers.

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    Try the "Browse" button near the bottom of the posting form. Below that button, it says "Valid file extensions..." and "max file upload size: 155000 bytes". If your pictures is in a big file, it will be rejected.

    Your post caught my attention because you mentioned a yellow 2005 XLV. I have the same thing on order. I am envious of you having yours already.

    2005 XLV, upgraded ballast, Comptech swivel wakeboard and hydrofoil racks, Monster cargo bimini

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    There is another email chain about decreasing the sixe of the pic if it too big. Searching for ReaConverter should take you to it.

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    looking forward to seeing your boat! We ordered a 2005 yellow XLV and are picking it up Saturday. Pics posted at pride and joy.

    How do you post a pic with your ID on the message board??

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