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    Default Strut Bushings Replacement no special tools

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share what I found once I finally was able to get the prop off (a little heat and some pressure from a prop puller had her shoot right off)

    The boat seemed to run just fine, and doesnít seem to have any excessive vibrations, though I donít really have anything to gauge the amount of vibrations off of. Regardless, itís not vibrating the screws loose.
    Anyway, I was doing some checking last fall around the strut and prop, just looking, and found something that concerned me. It appears that there is no lower bushing in the strut. The upper bushing appears as I would expect it (thought I do see some small cracks in the rubber). But the lower bushing doesnít seem to be there. There is some sort of whitish/red fibrous material inside the strut further toward the engine, but, there isnít any support on the propeller end of the strut.

    So, my plan is to pull the shaft coupling, pull the shaft, replace the bushings, reinstall the shaft and coupling, check alignement, and drink copious beers along the way (that is with the assumption that the shaft isn't bent).

    I am not sure why the lower bushing would be missing, but it looks like the previous owner might have hit the prop on something once, as there are some minor grinding marks on the fore part of the 3 of the 4 blades. So, I don't know if the strut was replaced or removed or what previously... interesting to say the least!
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