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    Default What time is it??

    Does anyone know if the supplier of the gauges for the 04/05 moomba's has a clock?? I'd like to put a clock in the dash. Also I think i am going to swap the wake plate gauge with the depth finder location any thoughts??
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    Ok, a thought. Breakout some wax or 303 and get to work until this urge passes.

    The return on the self inflicted pain you are about to start is going to be miniscule.

    If I just had to have a clock Id use Velcro tape and put a small digital just under one of the larger dials.

    If I had to swap my dials 8 inches, Id seek professional help. I can almost guarantee something will not fit, be to short or interfere with the operation of something else.

    I added something, cannot even remember what now to my Lund and it took me two years to find the intermittent fault I created with the fish finder. Even the dealer could not find it.

    But if you know how to do this stuff and have great success putting things back after disassembly, rock on.

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    Well put and your right...however here at the center for the overly anal retentive we are telling our people to embrace they nerotic and derrange impulses..LOL In truth I would like to make a half moon bezel so that the depth gauge was angled out so to see it better. Just a thought...


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    I have a water resistant Casio digital writs watch that has taken 3 batteries in about 18 years. I got a stainless watch band and never take it off...
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    Similar here. Timex ironman strapped to the steering wheel. Been there three years now.

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    My radio is in the glove box.

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