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    Default questions re; installing Perfect Pass-2003 Mobius

    i just bought a used 2003 Moomba Mobius from a dealer. I have not picked the boat up yet, but had him add a Wakeboard Pro Perfect Pass to the cost.

    I read Perfect Pass's install manual and it seems relatively basic. My only concern was drilling a hole into the hull, below the water line, for the paddle wheel pickup.

    i asked the dealer whether I could just use the pick up from the standard speedos, rather than cutting another hole in the hull. He was not sure.

    They'll charge 350 bucks for install. Obviously if I do it myself I'll save that money. I have all winter to get it done, so it is something i want to tackle, but I would rather not drill the hole to mount the paddle wheel.

    Anyone know if i can install it using the factory pick ups?


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    Default Replying to Topic 'questions re; installing Perfect Pass-200

    I have a 04 Mobius LSV with the Perfect Pass.Only have 1 paddle Wheel.It was installed by the dealer.It is a Perfect Pass paddle wheel because of the temp pickup.So yes I would say it is a direct replacement of the wheels.No drilling to do.Perfect Pass is the best thing invented.Just ask my wife.

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    Default Replying to Topic 'questions re; installing Perfect Pass-200

    I have an '03 Mobius as well and looked into this. Yes, you can use the factory paddlewheel to run PP. Definitely do the install yourself.

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