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    Default Bench testing an amp - safe to do?

    Yesterday a new amp arrived from the big brown truck. The outer shipping box was fine but after getting it open, the box the amp itself came in had a decent sized hole crunched through it and was slightly crushed on one end. Seems apparent it went into the shipping box in this condition.

    I documented it step by step with pictures in case I need to return it. After getting the amp out of all the packaging and styrofoam, cosmetically it appears to be fine. I was a little surprised though - new amp, not a refurb or used.

    Since my boat is a bit gutted out right now I can't do a test very easily to verify it's working. I'm wondering about bench testing it in my garage. I could connect 12v power and remote-on via my little jump-pack jump starter thing and wire up a few speakers. Then use my ipod as a source into the RCAs.

    I'm wondering how "safe" this is to do? Any risk of shorting something out, frying circuits, etc??
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    I would probably connect direct to a battery (like the battery from your boat), rather than a jump pack.
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    Should be no problem at all, but I would use a known good battery like Ian says instead of the jumper box.

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    Jumper pack will work fine. I did that when I got an amp from another member, just to make sure it was not damaged in transit. I hooked my hlcds to it with the iPod RCA input. Worked like a charm. No need to do it for a long period of time.
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