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    I am trying to get some understanding of exactly how to adjust the wake plate. I know what to do to make it go up of down, and know that with it down, the bow will stay down in rough water. What I do not know is how should it be set for wakeboarding, skiing, cruising, etc. Should it be up, down, halfway, or what? I know that I will have to experiment with it, but would like some idea of what to do before I ever get on the water.


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    I usually pull the rider up with the plate down. This will allow you to plane out quickly. Then I will raise the plate about half way. This will sharpen the wake up a bit. You'll see the difference. I would raise it higher, but the bow usually starts to I stop at half way.

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    Clark, I usually set the plate before I pull the skier/rider so I don't forget. These boats are so powerful it doesn't matter where the thing is set for pulling up people. For a skier, I have found the sweetest wakes to be at about 75-80% down. For boarders, I have found about 20% down provides the best wake. (Of course, this will vary for every boat and skiing condition) I tell the rider to give me a thumb up or down with their left hand for the wake plate and with their right hand for the boat speed. You can get pretty dialed in after a couple of passes.

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