Thanks to Moombadaze for helping me out with a little flow test timing compilation. I was curious as to how all of our modifications stack up with our different methods of upgrading the stock ballast or building new systems. Surprisingly the results are not that drastic between the different methods. Some of the results were a lot lower than what I would have expected. You can use the chart to divide your total weight by 8.35 (Weight of a gallon of water) and then divide that by the GPM of each setup. If you are going to use a three Tsunami pumps to fill 3 450 pound bags, your fill time would be around 7.19 minutes, since the pumps can pump at 7.5 gpm to each bag the fill time will match the chart. These timings get a little more complex with the multi valve setup. From the chart you can see my newest setup can do 11.54 gpm through 1 valve filling a 450 in 4.67 minutes three minutes faster than a single Tsunami, but filling 3 450s through three valves will take 9.33 minutes which is 2 minutes slower than three single Tsunamis. With all that said, either method is better than the stock 20 plus minutes and the end result is less than two minutes of fill time.

If you can do a test that is not listed above (Hint hint Ed with those Jabscos), please email me the test you performed, boat model and timings. These tests must be done through the full setup like Moombadaze has done not from just a pump dumping water. The GPM of a Tsunami 800 is 13.33 GPM at the head, but is 7.5 gpm through all of the hoses and fittings as in Stacy’s case. If you are already on the water, pull one of your bags fitting and time how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket, you can use a 1 gallon bucket, but a 5 gallon one will give you a better average.

My tests were done very similar to his, 5 gallon bucket pumped dry and timed. Time was divided by 5 to get the Gallon Per Minute (GPM) and the chart filled in appropriately.

Also If I have made any mistakes with my Shade Tree calculations, please correct me where I have given invalid data. The data will be different for some models hose length and pump location are a HUGE factor. I still need to fill in a few boxes this weekend from the new valves with the old pump.

So if you ask me which setup should you go with, my answer would be "It depends". In some cases each method is faster.

Stock setups are highlighted in Yellow.